Terms and Conditions

Saltwater Safari delivers Surf & SUP coaching, coasteering, MadVentures, SLSGB Awards as well as Training for groups & individuals wishing to work towards gaining qualifications and/or the knowledge and skills required to be able to surf / SUP / coasteer safely.  We deliver all activities for small private groups which enables us to tailor the activities & training to the specific needs of your group and enables you to enjoy a shared experience with people you know.

When booking and participating in any of the activities / awards provided by us you are agreeing to the following general terms and conditions:

Booking Conditions

  1. Holiday activity bookings
    • can be made by phone / email and will be responded to in person as we run activities in response to an inquiry. All details of your booking will be confirmed in writing by us, by email.  If you do not have access to email, please advise us of this at the time of your booking and we will agree with you how details of your booking will be confirmed.
    • At the time of booking, we will agree a day and provisional time for your activity based on the times of high / low water. The day before your activity (or earlier where forecasts allow) we check the surf, swell and weather forecasts in order to make a go / no go decision and at that stage confirm the time and where to meet Pete.
    • Coasteering & SUP venues vary depending on the swell and weather forecasts as well as the age / ability of people in your group so we cannot guarantee you will coasteer/ SUP at your preferred venue.
    • To secure your booking we require a deposit payment by BACS.
  1. Third-Party Group activity bookings
    (where payment will be paid by an organisation / employer).
    • Please contact us by phone and or email to check availability and agree the date(s) &/or frequency of your chosen activity. We will send you a booking form to be completed and returned to us, this will detail the activity and any specific terms and conditions relating to your booking.
    • To secure your booking we need to have received the completed booking form and, where required, a deposit payment.
  1. Award &/or Training Courses
    • Please contact us by phone and or email to check availability and agree the date(s) for your award / training. We run awards and training events in response to an inquiry for your private group.
    • Assuming the minimum number of participants requirement is met for an award course we will send joining instructions no later than the week before your course.
    • For training events with multiple dates, these will be agreed provisionally but, may be subject to change in response to surf / weather conditions. Go / no go decisions will be confirmed the day before (or earlier where forecasts allow) so it is imperative that you provide us with contact details.
    • Unless agreed with us at the time of booking, full payment must be made in advance of the course / award start date.
  1. Fees & Payment
    • Award / Training Course / Activity fees are confirmed by us at the time of booking.
    • A 50% deposit payment is required to secure a booking.
    • At our discretion, e.g., if weather forecasts mean it is unlikely that your activity will go ahead, or where you have booked with us previously, or where we have agreed a rolling plan of training / activity dates, we may decide to waive the need for a deposit payment in advance to secure your booking. The deposit payment would however be charged retrospectively in the event of a no show / last minute cancellation by you. (see 5.4)
    • For Awards, Training Courses & Third-Party Group Bookings we will raise an invoice. Unless agreed in advance, full payment must be received in advance of the start of the course.
    • We accept payment by electronic bank transfer (BACS); for holiday activity bookings we will accept the balance payment in cash on the day but, prefer all payment to be made by BACS.
  1. Cancellation by You
    • In the event of a No Show, no refund will be offered.
    • In the event of a cancellation 7 or less days before the day of your activity or the first day of a block of activities / training course we will require payment in full
    • In the event of a cancellation of 8 to 14 days before the day of your activity or the first day of a block of activities / training courses, no refund of the 50% deposit will be offered. For holiday bookings we may, at our discretion agree to carry your deposit over to a future booking.
    • Where no deposit payment was taken, a cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of the activity/course fee will be charged.
  1. Alterations or Cancellation by Us
    • In the event that we have to make a “no-go” decision due to either illness / adverse weather conditions we will endeavour to reschedule your activity, offer an alternative activity or, if this is not possible, we will refund your deposit in full.
  1. Covid-19 related cancellation by either party
    • In the event of a cancellation due to increased lockdown restrictions imposed by the Government &/or our needing to self-isolate, we will refund your deposit in full and not charge a cancellation fee.
  1. Insurance
    • Saltwater Safari holds activity insurance with Activity Industry Mutual as follows:
      • Employer’s Liability: £10,000,000.
      • Public Liability: £5,000,000.
      • Products Liability: £5,000,000.
      • Professional Indemnity: £1,000,000.
        • Full details of Activity Industry Mutual cover are available on request, policy number SALWA411.
        • We recommend that all clients obtain their own personal insurance to cover for accident, injury, cancellations and loss or damage to personal property.
  1. Liability & Risk
    • All activities delivered by, and venues used by Saltwater Safari are not without inherent risk. We make every effort to manage and minimise the risks to both our clients and instructors.
    • Prior to completing an activity, you will be required to complete a “Risk Acknowledgement, Consent & Medical Declaration” form in which you sign to acknowledge and accept:
      • the degree of risk
      • your specific responsibilities as a participant.
      • that no liability for any injury to a client rests with Saltwater Safari unless proven to be caused by negligence on our part.
        • We recommend that all clients obtain their own personal insurance to cover any accident or injury that may occur.
  1. Loss & Damage
    • Loss or damage, other than normal wear and tear, caused to equipment belonging to Saltwater Safari by the actions of an individual or group will be invoiced to the individual / organisation who booked the activity.
    • It is recommended that individuals / groups using their own equipment ensure that it is adequately insured and fit for purpose prior to the commencement of the activity / course.
    • In the event of personal equipment being deemed unsuitable or unsafe we will, where possible, agree to hire Saltwater Safari equipment. Should this not be possible the individual will be required to leave the activity / course and will not be entitled to a refund of any monies paid or due.
    • We will accept no responsibility whatsoever in respect of loss or damage to your personal property. We recommend that all clients obtain personal insurance to cover such circumstances.
  1. Health
    • All participants or, if under 18, their parents, are personally responsible for ensuring that they conform to the health regulations required by law.
    • Please notify us at the time of booking if any participant has a medical condition, allergy or disability that may affect their involvement in the designated activity.
    • While we will try to cater for any requirements, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so for those with special needs or serious medical conditions.
    • Participants must be of good health and should be aware that they will undertake adventurous and strenuous activity.
    • A “Risk Acknowledgement & Medical Declaration” form must be completed prior to the start of the activity. All prior injuries and serious illness must be detailed on the form and communicated to the instructor leading the activity. If a participant is, in our opinion, not considered to be sufficiently well, fit, or able to partake in the course, in the interests of safety we reserve the right to exclude the participant from the course.  In this case it is agreed that there will be no liability for any damages, loss or expenses and any monies paid by the Client are not refundable.
    • All incidents and accidents, however minor, must be reported to the instructor at the time. If this is not possible you must inform Saltwater Safari by telephone or email to advise of the incident within 24 hours or as soon as is practically possible.
  1. Conduct
    • We reserve the right to cancel outright or remove individuals from any activity / course at any time due to inappropriate behaviour, suspicion of participants being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, lack of suitable clothing and equipment or incomplete medical consent forms.
    • We reserve the right to shorten the duration of / cancel an activity or remove an individual from the activity course due to their inability / incapacity to meet the demands of the activity / course or due to a change in swell &/or weather conditions.
    • The decision to remove any individual / shorten the duration of an activity rests with Saltwater Safari or the instructor leading the course / activity on the day.
    • In such circumstances the individual / organisation will not be entitled to a refund.
    • We operate a strict no smoking policy and ask that any cigarette butts from before / after an activity / course be disposed of responsibly. Please respect the “only rain down the drain” rule and ideally, take all your rubbish home with you to dispose of it at home.
  1. Complaints
    • If whilst attending / participating in an activity / course run by Saltwater Safari, a participant feels there is cause for complaint, the matter should be discussed directly with the instructor leading the activity / course so that corrective measures can, where necessary, be undertaken during the course / activity.
    • If a complaint could not be resolved / was not communicated during the activity / course, it should be made in writing within 28 days of the event and emailed to Saltwater Safari.

We will respond to complaints as soon as is practically possible and no later than 28 days from the date we received the complaint.