Surf Coaching

Saltwater Safari has been delivering SUP coaching and coasteering for individuals, couples and small private groups of family and/or friends since the summer of 2014.  We love what we do and so do our customers!

At the end of last summer, following many requests from customers, we decided it was time for Saltwater Safari to DO surf coaching!

Those of you who know Pete Smudge Smith will know that he has been involved in the adventure sports industry for more than 15 years.  He is a qualified climbing coach, International Mountain Leader and a qualified teacher.  Getting the most out of people in challenging environments is what he has been doing most of his life.  A level 2 Surf Coach with the ISA (International Surf Association) and a Level 3 Beginner Surf SUP instructor with the ASI (Academy of Surf Instructors), he will help you understand the sea and this in turn will help you with your surfing.

How we roll

Saltwater Safari has been awarded a licence from Cornwall Council to deliver water-based activities on Crooklets Beach in (Bootiful) Bude.   During the busy season we will have a trailer in the car park where we can meet and greet you and get you kitted up for a surf.  At other times of the year we will operate from our MadVenture van.

In keeping with our ethos of delivering Saltwater Safari adventures Just For You, we will be running our surf sessions for small closed group to ensure you enjoy a shared experience with your friends &/or family where the focus is on learning new skills and gaining valuable knowledge about the sea and hopefully yourself.

We will help you succeed using good quality soft boards for learning and offer guidance on what to do to continue improving after your lesson, whether that’s surfing a different board or going to a different beach…

Book a Beginner Lesson or a Block of Lessons

Ideally you will book a small block of sessions which will give you more success and help you to push your surfing going forward but, if you have never surfed before and have always fancied having a go we will be happy to get you started with an beginner’s lesson.  If you book a block, we will ensure you have the same coach throughout so he or she can discuss your requirements and progress.

We expect our coaches to use their observational analysis together with their understanding of your goals and aspirations to provide the basis for your lessons.  Each session we run is bespoke and although it may look similar to other lessons you may see on the beach we believe in talking to you in order to make each session different and progressive (whatever your level).

We deliver 1-2-1 sessions and will definitely get you progressing whether you are new to surfing or you have hit a plateau.  We have helped a number of intermediate surfers break through a barrier with their surfing through 1-2-1 tailored coaching sessions.  This involves goal setting and observations and may involve out of water training programmes based on your individual requirements.  Feedback is a massive part of the coaching process and may take place in a local cafe over coffee as this is often the best way to plan further sessions based on your progress during a lesson.

SUP Surfing

If you want a different challenge then surfing an SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) could be your next achievement!   It may look like surfing but, is in fact a very different sport with its own ethos. Skills are transferable so if you can already surf you have a good chance of progressing.  Catching your first wave on a SUP is epic in its own right – never has catching small waves been so much fun!

So to recap… We can teach you to surf…  We can teach you to surf a SUP…
We do of course guarantee loads of fun in a safe learning environment.  Our surf coaches are all highly qualified and hold a current beach lifeguard award (a requirement of a surf coaching award).

Do it, You know it makes sense!