All About Us

Owners of Saltwater Safari

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”

Helen Keller

Saltwater Safari is the culmination of my life in adventure and managing risk in exciting environments. It is more akin to the aboriginal ethos of being at one with the natural environment rather than trying to defeat or conquer it.

Saltwater Safari is about:

  • My love of the natural world and the wildlife I encounter on my journeys
  • Challenging you in the outdoors so that you can have fun whilst learning new skills
  • You experiencing adventure in a small group of just your family and / or friends
  • Reviewing and re-living your Saltwater Safari experience over a drink at a local establishment or whilst looking at photos taken during the safari

Pete Smith, adventure sports coach and owner of Saltwater Safari

Pete Smith of Saltwater SafariI was born and brought up in the North East of England near a rugged stretch of coastline between Sunderland and South Shields.  This became my playground and was where I first learnt about the natural world.  If I was not climbing the cliffs or swimming in rock gardens then it was only because I had not fallen in at that particular time.  I was encouraged to explore and challenge myself through the natural world and it was there that I developed an interest in all things living.  I learnt that if I could get close to nature by my own devices this usually resulted in adventure and excitement.

On leaving school I joined the Army, travelling overseas to often hazardous locations leading to my even bigger appetite for adventure.  After a successful military career I studied Arboriculture and worked as a tree surgeon, earning a living from climbing trees and yes, you’ve guessed it, more adventure!  (You try climbing 70ft trees in windy conditions with a chainsaw and ropes!)  During this time I returned to university where I gained a degree in Geography and Adventure Sports and qualified as a multi-disciplined outdoor pursuits instructor with Qualified Teacher Status.  I hold the full International Mountain Leader Award so, can and have lead expeditions overseas.

On moving to Cornwall with my wife Jane, I gained employment at Cornwall College where I have written, delivered and managed the Foundation degree in Adventure Sports Coaching for Plymouth University and continue to manage the Advanced Instructor Training Programme which involves delivering skills-based activities in rock climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, surfing and coasteering.  My friends will tell you that I am slightly obsessed with “challenge and the benefits of being in the ocean”.  I never tire of being in the sea whether coasteering, surfing, SUPing or tucking into a barrel on my handplane.  If I am not in the sea I can usually be found drinking coffee, running, climbing and/or walking our dog on or near a beach.  My wife, Jane, is a part-time primary school teacher and private tutor, teaching languages to adults.  She is (thankfully) very good at admin, a skill she developed whilst working as an SAP training consultant and project manager in industry.  She loves Cornwall and the outdoors – nature’s playground – and, when not at work, can also be found drinking good coffee, walking our dog, beachcombing and rockpooling, swimming in the sea, SUPing and/or doing something for charity.

And so to Saltwater Safari… my newest adventure, where the emphasis is on helping you to have fun, learn new skills and face new challenges as you experience your own Saltwater Safari adventure.  We hope to inspire you with our own enthusiasm for the natural world and take pride in our knowledge of and respect for the wildlife we encounter.