Efficiency of Movement when Coasteering – Part 2

Charlie’s stag party was not the kind of group I necessarily had in mind when I set up SWS. However they were unusually sober, fun and great to work with – not your traditional stag party.

Gareth and Finn were assisting with this inaugural Coasteering session and everything was set for a great day. The group would coasteer in the morning with a ‘light lunch’ followed by golf in the afternoon.

I have an observation that crops up time and time again from these sessions and it’s regarding “efficiency of movement”..

I’m fascinated by Lionel Messi and his ability on the football pitch, he looks like he has loads of time on the ball and I wonder if this efficiency of movement can be translated into the ocean environment and a Coasteering session?

If I think about it, there are really only two ways to get better at any physical task – increase your capacity to create energy (by becoming more “fit”), or increase your ability to transform the energy you create into useful work, by becoming more efficient and coordinated.

So it’s back to ‘fundamentals’, agility, balance, coordination and momentum in order to be more efficient in the water, as well as increased levels of fitness.

So how does that translate to a one off session? To start with clients need to relax and not fight the ocean, go with the ebb and flow, this should save energy and therefore is more efficient. Movement should be copied (client copies guide) thereby giving others the opportunity to follow efficient movement.

Preparation prior to entering the water should involve some balance games and maybe a warm up that involves coordination –  hopscotch is a good one. I don’t think we can train clients to be completely efficient in such a dynamic environment but, we can assist by considering the fundamentals and think about passing this on to the paying customer. After all, we want them to enjoy the session and come back for more!

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